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Marreck - Thirteen Losses

CASSETTE / £6.00
DIGITAL / £3.60

- Beautiful K
- Black Water
- Chateau X
- False Martyr

Marreck is the alter ego of Michael Hann, who runs the Reject and Fade label and also records under the name of Rejections (under which he has put out releases on Opal Tapes, Jehu and Chinaman, Alt Vinyl and his own Reject and Fade label). 'Thirteen Losses' is his second release under this guise, following the unveiling of his initial salvo on Tesla Tapes. That slice of soundsystem brutalism hit the spot in critical spheres ("steam­powered, pneumatic pulses and eviscerating distortion... it swarms like a battalion of armour­plated killer African bees", Boomkat) and established Hann's new nom de plume as a formidable noise force.

Mixing together a love of minimal, hypnotic techno and harsh, psychedelic soundscapes, the four tracks on Thirteen Losses aim to take the listener on a visceral, bruising ride and to leave them with a broken rush. The digital version comes with a 244­page digital book containing artwork extracted from Hann's live show.

The EP will be exclusively previewed in full on The Quietus on the 19th Spectember, with a free download of "False Martyrs" going out on XLR8R.