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Various Artists - Fuse Editions 003

CASSETTE / £7.00
DIGITAL / £1.80

Trans/Human - Live at Fuse Art Space, Bradford. 15th March 2014 - Trans/Human
Spandril - Live at Fuse Art Space, Bradford, 15th March 2014 - Spandril

Following sold-out tapes br BJ Nilsen and Star Turbine, the Fuse Editions series continues with a split cassette of performances from Trans/Human and Spandril. Both acts are core components of Sheffield's Audacious Art Experiment, and these recordings were taken from their first performance at Fuse in March last year.

Employing several noise making devices and techniques in their performances, including mobile phones, radio, cassette tape, suspended and prepared electric guitar, processed drums, strobe lighting, contact microphones, field recordings and feedback systems, Trans/Human's concerns lie within the physical act of music making and its relationship to environment and audience.

Spandril's cyclic controlled chaos is created by one Mark Hadman, using a mix of customised and handbuilt analogue machines gilded with handcoded digital manipulations.