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God Bows to Math & Pairs - Tightly Wound / AA BB / Gig of the Week / Eighteen Shakes

7 / £5.00

God Bows to Math - Tightly Wound - God Bows to Math
God Bows to Math - AA BB - God Bows to Math
Pairs - Gig of the Week - Pairs
Pairs - Eighteen Shakes - Pairs

Featuring two tracks each from Auckland noise rock trio God Bows To Math and Shanghai punk duo Pairs, this split 7" is a global tag-team quadruple-suplex maneuvre. Yes! With support from NZ label Muzai Records, Chinese setup Genjing, Tenzenmen in Australia and Bomb Shop in the UK, this fantastic plastic four-track EP showcases the best of these two violently enjoyable bands.

Each label is doing their allocation of this limited edition slightly differently - we have just 100 copies for the UK, Europe and Japan, and they're stamped, hand-numbered and delivered in PVC outers alongside a 12-page zine featuring rants from the bands, info on the labels and some nice artwork. Pairs' tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered by Manny Nieto in a real shit dusty hut out in the guts of Yangpu. GBTM's side was recorded and mixed by Donnie Miller at Nowhere Audio in Brisbane, then mastered by Nick Roughan.