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Ambrosia(@) - Cordially Yours

CASSETTE / £8.00
DIGITAL / £2.00

- Go Your Way
- HLCYN19.78

Ambrosia(@)'s first release on Bomb Shop is a two track cassette release. On one side you get a heavyweight noise/drone version of Anne Briggs' classic "Go Your Way"; on the other you get the fizzy electronics of one of the band's early pieces "HLCYN19.78". Both tracks are bursting at the seams with deep harmonies wrapped in distortion, ghostly, distant vocals and monolithic bass. This is a hand-made, extremely limited cassette. Yes! Each one is completely individual. For this edition we decided to re-use tape inlays from the strangest/best/most amazing cassette albums we could find second hand, which we then doctor and adapt. So your copy will be 100% individual, a true work of twisted genius. Even if we say so ourselves.