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Ambrosia(@) - Hysteria Siberiana

CASSETTE / £10.00
DIGITAL / £2.70

- Hysteria Siberiana
- Yacht
- Demain

Ambrosia(@)'s first ecstatic burst of noise on Bomb Shop found unlikely favour (for a pretty extreme drone/shoegaze record) with musos, critics and the mainstream alike, with extensive support on the airwaves (notably making it onto the Late Junction playlist) and in the blogosphere (check out the lovely reviews at Foxy Digitalis for starters).

The duo's back, and this package is every bit as special as the last. Three tracks of exquisitely shaped and twisted harmonic noise with ephemeral vocals and colossal, menacing low-end come snugly packaged on a limited edition chrome cassette. The opening salvo "Hysteria Siberiana" is arguably the duo's most accomplished work to date, an otherworldly explosion of fizzing noise and synths, beautiful and terrifying in equal measures.

As ever, the packaging doesn't disappoint - every tape comes tagged and sealed in an evidence bag complete with an original Polaroid by photographer Sarah Faraday. We're only making 100 of these, so act super fast..