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God Bows to Math - God Bows to Math

CASSETTE / £10.00
DIGITAL / £9.00

- Slow Decline
- Blues for Blind Lemon
- Yr Kids Aren't Special But I Am
- The Ship That Sank a Thousand Faces
- Paper Trails
- How to Beat Your Dad At Chess
- Sixty Degrees of Separation
- Details On How to Get DONCAB On Your License Plate
- Small Victories
- New Designs for Hip Kids
- Teenagers Is Lazy Journalism
- Smile & Nod

Every tour is a Long March for God Bows to Math, having spent their three years fighting a guerrilla campaign in support of the do-it-yourself ethic. The three members of the band - Martin Phillips, Thomas Morrison and Sam Cussen - make up a triumvirate with ideals as hard-nosed as their walls of noise, firing from the hip in a display of intensive methodology: just ask the ten releases already put out under their name. With their latest endeavor, a self-titled, debut full-length, god bows to math are marking their territory as New Zealand's most developed reputation in noise rock.

To pay their debts to their sonic affiliation, God Bows to Math had their album mastered by the fingerprint of the American underground - Bob Weston, bassist of Shellac, who is known for his involvement in the engineering of everything from Sebadoh to Nirvana's "In Utero". After applying Weston's finishing touches, the album found supportive critical reception - as Undertheradar's Nich Cunningham bluntly put it, "God Bows to Math aren't messing around" - their sharp societal satire allowing them to "never fall into the easy trap of self-indulgence or alienating cleverness". As well as this, high-rating reviews in the press (Rip It Up, Real Groove, The Press) are too plentiful these days to count. And true enough to the roots of the band, the real underground - zines, independent radio stations and hospitable couches around the country - are with them all the way. Music is more than a petty glamor ride - it's a lifestyle that god bows to math will continue to live and breath day in and day out.