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Ambrosia(@) - Pevensey NLZ

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DIGITAL / £2.70

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Pevensey NLZ is constructed from a base of environmental recordings made on the coast of East Sussex in early 2012. Wind, waves, birdsong, rock pools, micro-recordings of crustacean clusters and other artefacts of the rough coastal landscape underpin a performance of realtime-looped vocals, bowed guitars, live electronics and lo-fi processing over the work's three movements.

NLZ refers to the military principle of the "No Lone Zone" - an area in which, for security or safety reasons, the presence of a single individual is prohibited. Two or more authorised individuals must be present in the zone, each must be within visual contact of the other, and each must be capable of detecting incorrect or potentially dangerous procedure on the other's part.

London based duo Ambrosia(@) first gained critical praise with their 2011 debut "Cordially Yours", a combination of extreme noise, folk and shoegaze electronics which earned them fans in niche media ("achingly beautiful", Foxy Digitalis / "seductively warm and heavy", Boomkat) and airtime on BBC Radio 3. The follow up - "Hysteria Siberiana", a gigantic, electrifying wash of fizzing static and subs - established the duo as a new dark ambient force to be reckoned with.

Pevensey NLZ comes in digital and physical formats - the real-world product is a limited edition hand-made CD package, with photographic artwork by Sarah Faraday.