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Mason Clinic - Prisoners

CASSETTE / £5.00
DIGITAL / £4.80

- Piano Ballad #2 (You Got It)
- Prisoners
- Country Life
- Shirts
- Hey Houdini
- Porcelain Cough

Limited edition cassette (50 copies for the world) including download code.

Starting out as a solo musician Mason Campbell gradually accumulated musical allies - Joss Colling (Bass), Hayden Walsh (Guitar), Nick Milne (Keyboards) and Alex Willi (Drums) around his songs of heartache and sorrow, forming the nucleus of a band that have been playing shows around Auckland for over three years now.

The band refuse to be pigeon-holed - whether it's the country-tinged sadness of "Shirts" or the balls to the wall noise of "Prisoners", Mason Clinic take their music wherever they feel it needs to go.

For fans of The Clean, Silver Jews, Ty Segall, No Age, Times New Viking, Minutemen