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The DHDFDs - French Fries

CD / £7.00
DIGITAL / £9.10

- Wasting My Time
- Baseball Love
- Like Zara Once Said
- Mongo Van
- Pessimist
- Smang
- Kawasaki B&B R&B
- Babysitters Club
- Face Drain Mother
- Malo Monono
- Community Smorgasbord
- Drugged & Lonely
- Robots

Hailing from New Zealand, The DHDFDs exploded onto the Auckland scene in 2005, while the band were in their teens (the youngest being 12). Immersed in The Stooges, Misfits, Mr Bungle, Primus, Metallica and The Who, the band played all-ages clubs, honing their brutal sound and relentless, unpredictable live shows. Since then, they've shared billing with The Black Lips, toured Japan with the King Brothers, destroyed the stage at Auckland's Big Day Out Festival, and now they're breaching the borders of their south pacific home to bring the noise to your hemisphere. Following up their initial salvos "Pastor Of Muppets EP" in 2006 and "Fromage Du Pouvoir" in 2008, "French Fries" is the band's debut LP. It was recorded and mixed by Kody Nielsen (of The Mint Chicks/Bic Runga fame) and is released in the UK, USA and Europe through Bomb Shop.

From the mutant disco-punk of the lead single "Babysitters Club" to the more involved washes of noise in the closing track "Robots", this is a hardcore record shot through with originality and panache.

The band's invasion of the western hemisphere continues with a UK/USA tour in May - dates and venues TBC.

Check the video for "Babysitters Club":