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Rough Fields - High Time

CASSETTE / £5.00
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- High Time
- ZERO7411310518296
- Cascade


Following the breakthrough success of his first album "Edge of the Firelight" ("Astonishing music", Gilles Peterson; "Tremendous", Lauren Laverne; "...the new Robert Wyatt!", Nick Luscombe) James Birchall aka Rough Fields retreated to a disused Soviet weather station just inside the arctic circle for sixteen hard months of recording and editing. That's not true, it didn't happen. Maybe it did. Maybe he dug a vast recess in the inhospitable peat of the Pennines and made a squalid home, detectable only by the hum of a generator and thin plumes of pungent smoke emerging from the entrance. Maybe he infiltrated a catalogue sales company. Maybe he got married, had kids. Maybe he traded the instruments for an estate car and thought a lot about composting, started to notice the variety of birds in the garden, sorted the drains out. Maybe he started living in a 4x4 Mazda with weak brakes. Maybe he still does.

Either way - these tracks represent milestones on a significant journey from that last record. "High Time" splashes its lens-flared waves over the front of your speedboat, whilst "ZERO7411310518296" channels soporific Genesis vibes and tranced-out arpeggios into twelve and a half minutes of balearic bliss. Finally, "Cascade" follows a Pyrenean water course, building in motion and noise as it crashes towards a high altitude lake.